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The Dumb Man's Dream

In the history of Iranian cinema no filmmaker has ever been as unprecedented as Mohsen Makhmalbaf. A filmmaker who lived in poverty in his childhood, joined urban guerillas as an adolescent and spent more than four years behind bars, was a typical aggressive figure in the past - revolution years, and later ... became a gentle artist. His being unprecedentedly surprising has now turned into a rule; so that it would be now equally surprising if he does anything ordinary, and he does not so! Makhmalbaf, who has made 15 feature and 2 short films on that time, speaks in this documentary about his life, childhood, political activities, disarmament of a policeman which caused him being captured, cultural activities after release, and his style and beliefs on art, cinema, violence, kindness, God, religion, and death.



Original Title: Gonge Khabdideh
Director & Producer: Houshang Golmakani

Videography: Kaveh Golestan
Editing: H.Golmakani, N.Abolfathi, K.Golestan
Video, 70 min , 1996