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The Sultan's Lake

Original Title: Hoze Sultoon
Written by: Mohsen Makhmalbaf

Subject: Long story. The story of this book is about a poor lady was living in Tehran in the year 1963, whom is pulled towards different layers of the society because of the wanders of life.
Language: Persian
Cover design: Kazem Chalipa
Number of pages: 160 pages 
Print volume: (First print: 11,000 copies, Second print: 11,000 copies)
Book size: 14 X 21 cm
Year & Edition: (first print: 1984, second print: 1986)
Publisher: Art Center
This book has been translated with the following description:
Title: Sultan Havuzu
Written by: Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Translator: Ismail Bendiderya
Language: Turkish
Number of pages: 165 pages
Publish Year: 1992
Book size: 19 X 12.5 cm
Publisher: Cizgi Yayinlari; atikali, fevzipasa cd. Muezzinbilal sk. no: 14/1 34240 fatihistanbul