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The Dumb Man's Dream - Second Volume

Original Title: Gonge Khabdideh
Written by: Mohsen Makhmalbaf 
Subject: Selection from the script and play (Consisting of the play: Death of another and the following scripts: Fleeing from Evil to God, Valeh (Boycott), The bells, Rajayi school, Happy child, The birth of an old woman, The peddler, Comedy of the agony of death, The cyclist, Marriage of the blessed, The Governor, Cheap village, The heat-stroke, Vow of the rich, Three pictures, Excellence of the name of God, Bread and flower, No interpretation dream, The unfinished man, Once upon a time cinema (Naseredin shah actor e cinema), The actor 
Language: Persian
Number of pages: 744 pages
Print volume: 3300 copies
Book size: 15 x 22 cm
Edition: Third
Year: (First Print: 1994), (Second print: 1995), (Third print: 1996)
Publisher: Nashr-e-Ney, P.O.Box: 13145-556, Tehran, Iran
Comments: This book is a selection of scripts and plays that are published or made into movies by Mohsen Makhmalbaf from 1981 to 1991.