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The Dumb Man's Dream - First Volume

Original Title: Gonge Khabdideh
Written by: Mohsen Makhmalbaf 
Subject: Selection of the story and novel (Consisting of 3 short stories: Beloveds of the night, Kiss me, Soul surgery and 2 long stories: Sultoon lake (Hoze Sultoon) and The Crystal Garden 
Language: Persian
Number of pages: 442 pages (Beloveds of the night: 3 pages), (Kiss me: 17 pages), (Soul surgery: 27 pages), (Sultoon lake "Hoze sultoon": 115 pages), (The Crystal Garden: 255 pages) 
Print volume: 3300 copies
Book size: 15 x 22 cm
Edition: Third
Year: (First print: 1994, Second print: 1995. Third print: 1996)
Publisher: Nashr-e-Ney, P.O.Box: 13145-556, Tehran, Iran
Comments: This book is selection of stories published by Mohsen makhmalbaf from 1981 to 1991